"Visualize Your World with TriLink Systems"

About TriLink
TriLink Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bridgeborn, Inc., was established in 2008 with the objective of introducing Bridgeworks™ to the nuclear energy market. By assembling a team that blended support solution experience and advanced capabilities in 3D visualization with hands on experience in traditional training practices for the energy sector, we are able to create uniquely interactive and highly effective training content.

About The Industry
"Current classroom materials that, in effect, are merely a digitized version of original hard copy lesson plans are an issue because..."

"TriLink's solution for this industry problem is to leverage human's natural choice of visual stimulus..."

"The industry benefits from better comprehension and lasting recollection by students in less time and at a lower cost."

About Bridgeworks™

Designed and developed by Bridgeborn, Bridgeworks is a software platform for the creation of interactive, rich media and data driven visualization solutions. Bridgeworks provides the most comprehensive set of advanced visualization capabilities available on the market today. Whether it's photo-real 3D environments or a small dataset, Bridgeworks promotes and democratizes the use of advanced visualization and analysis.

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Our Leadership Team  

Hal D. Paris, CEO  

Cofounder of TriLink Systems, Hal has 30 years of senior management and hands on experience in the varied disciplines of 3D computer visualization, nuclear simulator manufacture, classroom and simulator training, and nuclear operations. He possesses a very rare, unique and in depth understanding of how and where 3D visualization can be integrated into existing training methodologies and technologies thereby providing a “game changing” benefit to the nuclear industry.

Prior to TriLink, Hal was a Senior Vice President at GSE Systems where he was instrumental in innovating many of the technology advances now common place in the nuclear simulation industry. He now devotes his passion for the advancement of nuclear training by bringing 3D computer visualization technology to the nuclear industry. “I am certain this technology and its exciting applications will change the landscape of nuclear training today and in the future.”

Ted Ingalsbe P.E., Chief Technology Officer  

Co-founder of Bridgeborn, Ted is responsible for technology development and the management of core business functions and processes. He oversees product development across the company’s Federal and Commercial business units as well as the engineering functions of Bridgeworks™ visualization technology. With a background in Government contracting and software development, Ted brings a unique blend of business skills and technological expertise to the company.

Joe Ambrosino, Director of Multimedia Services

Co-founder of Bridgeborn, Joe has 25+ years experience producing multimedia content for educational, commercial, and industrial applications. With experience in video, still photography, audio, and web design & development, Joe can shepherd a production through virtually any stage of development from storyboard to presentation.

Michael Brazell, Graphics Systems Architect  

Co-founder of Bridgeborn, Michael is the lead technical designer and developer of Bridgeworks™ 3D data visualization platform. With over 20 years of experience in software development, he has extensive knowledge in real-time 3D & 2D graphics programming, 3D modeling and simulation, and related fields.

Travis Rightmeyer, Graphic Artist

Co-founder of Bridgeborn, Travis is responsible for 3D modeling and animation as well as assisting with graphic design and video editing. With over 13 years of experience he has worked on Visualization Case Studies for customers that include the DOD, DHS, U.S. Air Force, DARPA, L3, Georgetown University Medical School, Emirates Simulation Academy, Afghan Technical Vocational Institute, USAID, AIMD, FCS, PEO Ships and FEMA.